show stopperR

this may greatly change how i feel about haftahaftahafta going to see 30 seconds to mars in september.
hopefully that's more than enough time for jared to come to his senses. oi.


fill in the blaNk fRiday: RaNdom

1. my favorite thing about this week has been having hours of self-reflection while driving back from my impromptu trip to nj for the weekend. i am in awe of what the next decade can bring, once i stepped back and took a look at everything that has happened in the last ten years. shit, the last ten DAYS have been pretty interesting!

2. the weather this week has been the same as everywhere in the northeast. i actually don't even want to talk about it. BUT, we just had a fantastic storm! the kind that really make me wish that i had a real, covered porch so that i could sit there and watch/listen to/feel summer thunderstorms.

3. the last (interesting) item i received in the mail was a birthday card from my friend's parents; totally unexpected and incredibly sweet.

4. the last movie i saw was uh... we watched so many movies last weekend!! i'm going to have to say that brick was the last one we watched? this was my second time watching it and i must say, it's  a pretty amazing movie (as far as my standards go).

5. if i could be doing anything i felt like today i would definitely be en route to a beach, no question.

6. as a teenager i was a freaking angsty nightmare. but also really headstrong and independent... to put it mildly.

7. i wish i could trade lives for the day with someone waist-deep in the fashion industry. i'd love to work at a magazine one day, or be backstage at a fashion show, or help a designer pick out fabric, or watch a great fashion photographer. i don't think i have it in me to fight to get into that world, but i'd love to just observe for a day!

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oN the feNce

i'm not sure how i feel about this. forever 21 has launched a maternity line...

now. i am all for stylish, affordable clothing for pregnant women. even without needing to explore the options of cutesy preggo duds for myself, it is clear that there is a hole in that market - though i have found myself, more than once, excitedly grabbing up clothes in target, only to find that i've wandered into the maternity section again and should leave those cute dresses and tops to the ladies who really need them (side note: should i be concerned that i would rather admit that maternity clothes are better designed for my figure than to simply exercise?).

however. this concept nags at my little brain because of forever 21's target market. certainly, 21 year-olds have every right and typically no moral questioning in being pregnant (though i could never have imagined it for myself), but i'm concerned with the tweens shopping in the same stores as twenty-somethings... which, if my eyes and ears have any validity (at my ripe old age of 30) while browsing stores, is happening more and more. will this line make teenagers go out and get knocked up so that they can purchase from it? no, of course not. but could it potentially send the wrong, semi-glamorous message to my little 12-year-old cousin about the reality of needing maternity clothes? well - probably not, again. but.

i'm still on the fence.

UPDATE: see stylist's interesting take on this... more fuel for my fire. 


i would make fuN of you

if you showed up to a party, or anywhere, wearing this: