heRe's to happilist

i'm having a craptastic day. actually, it's a continuation of a craptastic week last week. i was really hoping that march would behave better than february, but i'm not feelin' the love yet. SO. i am making a list of things that make me happy. because... maybe they will make me happy?

erin's list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
(inspired by the happy lists here.)
1. im-ing with my bfff (who is 370 miles away) so that it feels like we're working together
2. citrusy tastes, colors, and smells
3. snuggles with my furball kittaeh, jojo
4. the rusty smell of rain in the summertime
5. successful shopping
6. the cure. each and every time.
7. good hugs
8. good dinner, with good friends, and maybe some good wine
9. the success and happiness of my friends & family
10. finding new people that i can be real with


tee hee!

this makes me so happy.