fill iN the blaNk fRiday: fall

not that these blanks are fall related, but my mind is in such a fall place... melancholy & nostalgia, here i come!

1.   when i get a day to myself i like to  go shopping. it's nice to shop with other people, but i always end up feeling bad about my tolerance (i.e. willingness to spend an entire day at the mall) of it. if i'm by myself, i can shamelessly try on thirty items at every store and take all the time i want. i've learned that shopping with my ipod is even more dangerous!

2.  high school was....  a ton of fun. i know that so many people say it was awful and traumatizing. it's certainly not that i was popular, but you know what? i had AMAZING friends. and i still hold each of them close to my heart.

3.  a little dream i have is  to travel a hell of a lot. i want to see white sand, blue water, green grass, ancient buildings, beautiful people, and new stars in the sky!

4.  a big dream i have is  to try to take over the world!!!

5.  if i could drive any car my pick would be the volvo C30-R, although honda's new take on the cr-x, the cr-z hybrid, is quite tempting. there may be a battle between the two! this is actually a topic that rob and i discuss regularly, and as seriously as two people who have zero intention of buying a new car anytime soon can.

6.  a time that i felt really and truly beautiful was when i stopped trying. i'm pretty sure that's the secret to life.

7.  tomorrow I will....  have a pretty busy, but fun day. i have a bridal shower for a longtime friend, then an end of summer (booo!) party with lots and lots of friends. i'm really looking forward to what the day has in store!

coNsideR me destRoyed

this will destroy you opened for the deftones on monday here in pittsburgh. i was a little unsure of how i would feel about an instrumental band pumping me up for the seemingly requisite (in my brain/heart, anyway)welcome-to-fall heavy rock show. holy schnikes, this band did NOT dissappoint. i purchased a cd on the way out and proceeded to listen to it on repeat for the next three days.


i'll take this oveR floweRs aNyday

rob queued up this song to be the first i listened to on my ipod this morning.
music = WAY > roses.


this is magic!!

Fistful of Mercy from Fistful of Mercy on Vimeo.

joseph arthur, ben harper, and dhani harrison???


thRowback thuRsday: Rage.

i forgot just how much i love to rock out to this song. feeling a little ready for a hardcore fall welcome and this hits the nail on the head for me.

bonus: rage against the machine's self-titled album was the first thing i ever shoplifted.