feeliNg Righteous - or - gloom aNd doom

i am tired of the following:
  • people defending models that are too skinny. i am a skinny person and i still think there is something seriously wrong with the fashion industry in the "ideal" body type it defines.
  • people trying to be cooler than everyone else. i'm not impressed.
  • people who incessantly complain about their ailments. again, not impressed. these details by no means define the person you are. please respect yourself and share with me the important stuff.
  • people who can't think outside of themselves. i like to think that i am an incredibly thoughtful person, and it would be nice that, if you reap the benefits of my friendship, you act in kind. return emails and texts. consider me when making plans so that i don't feel as though i'm forcing myself on you.
  • people who turn social networking into political platforms. go ahead and voice your opinion, but don't soapbox on my territory. this shit is supposed to be FUN!
i'm feeling a little defeated today, so i won't apologize for this. if you feel targeted by my list above, then you have most likely made me sad recently. try to just be a better friend rather than let this upset you, too. kthanks.


make youR owN samoas

forget the girl scouts.... who needs those little bitches, anyway?!?

(c'mon... i KID, i kid.)

find the delicious recipe here