snip, snip

so i've been scouring the interwebs for some ideas of hair styles to take with me for my consultation next week... certainly can't go in empty-handed! care to vote?

clearly i am a bit attracted to the inverted / asymmetrical bob.
con: rob is fairly opposed to this "really popular" look (according to him), as described by his hand motions

this might be too safe and similar to my normal long straight hair...

though shorter than i was originally thinking, i'm pretty sure this one is my favorite.

whaddaya think?? :)


could this weatheR be aNy betteR??!?!

definitely this kind of day


new jacks

i'm not loving the grin on my new jack purcells as compared to the smile on my old ones... kind of makes me feel like something's missing! i am glad, however, to have jacks with white tips again...


as we eNteR

Yes!!! I have been WAITING for this.