the big thRee... oohhhhhhhhhh.

i never thought i would care. i made so much fun of rob when he turned thirty and kind of freaked out about it, and here i am, five months away and kind of freaking out about it. i just feel like i'm running out of time. as much as i know that it's silly, i can't help but wonder if now is my real chance to shape my future. i've got to stop messing around in a cubicle and get to the real thing, for god's sake!

while i torture myself with these thoughts and plans and freak-outs, i have decided that it's time to make a point to learn and try new things. what am i gaining by sitting back and keeping within the routine? nothing. so, here goes.

two weekends ago, i learned how to crochet. i know it's not any sort of risky undertaking, but... baby steps. i have no desire to get crazy with it and crochet a sweater with little elephants in the stitches for my sister; i'll be happy with arm warmers and scarves. we'll see if my hands survive those. maybe then i'll do a blanket, but still with nothing fancy. i will NOT be one of those old ladies with little doilies that i made lying all over my house!

here's the progress so far:

not too shabby, eh? let's hope i can repeat the success!

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