fill iN the blaNk fRiday - movie editioN

1. My absolute favorite movie of all time is the dark crystal. i watched it over and over again while growing up... we also had the read along record and storybook, and a couple of books on it as well. it's no coincidence that years later, i discovered that my favorite artist, brian froud, was behind the design of that movie.

2. My favorite movie as a child was um, well - the dark crystal!

3. The best movie quote ever is  from the labyrinth (gee, finding a jim henson theme here!): "you have no power over me!" really, this is the only movie i've quoted repeatedly in my life. i just love it!

4. My favorite actress is claire danes - going all the way back to (not a movie) my so called life - though she hasn't been in anything in a while. i don't think it hurts that rob and i have this in common...  My favorite actor is well, you guessed it: johnny depp. i just can't help myself. no matter what freak flag he is flying for a role, it just makes me love him more.

5. The movie I could watch over and over is  pineapple express. i have never laughed so hard the first, second, or third times i've watched a movie! an no, i'm not a pothead. this movie has close to absolutely nothing to do with drugs; it's more about the crazy situations that people get themselves into. it is at the same time both completely far-fetched and totally realistic (especially if you have some friends that are either potheads or not very bright. or a combination of the two.).

6. My favorite movie genre is ...is "completely twisted" a genre? maybe that's film noir...? i tend to love really effed up movies that are very artistic and mind boggling. for examplezz: the cell, stigmata, ink, city of lost children... speaking of these movies (if you've seen them), have you seen lady gaga's latest video for alejandro? i'm not really much of a fan of her music, and this song is certainly my least favorite so far, but this video just really reminded me of a combination of the cell and the city of lost children. i've gotta respect the girl for being dark.

7. A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is a horrible chick-flick that i know rob won't like (he's in canada this weekend!). i'm rather tempted to see if valentines day is on the netflix instant queue, even though i've heard nothing good about it. i'm just SO curious how a movie with a cast like that can be bad!


  1. The Dark Crystal is profound on so many levels. Did you actually watch Valentine's Day? It's not even a creative title... but yet, it's so alluring! :) Everyone needs to watch a terrible, predictable chick-flick every once in awhile. Even Rob.

  2. I didn't... Netflix doesn't have it on the (playstation) instant queue yet. But it's totally on the list. Rob's usually pretty good about chick flicks so unless I think it's going to be horrible, we watch them together.