fill iN the blaNk fRiday: fall

not that these blanks are fall related, but my mind is in such a fall place... melancholy & nostalgia, here i come!

1.   when i get a day to myself i like to  go shopping. it's nice to shop with other people, but i always end up feeling bad about my tolerance (i.e. willingness to spend an entire day at the mall) of it. if i'm by myself, i can shamelessly try on thirty items at every store and take all the time i want. i've learned that shopping with my ipod is even more dangerous!

2.  high school was....  a ton of fun. i know that so many people say it was awful and traumatizing. it's certainly not that i was popular, but you know what? i had AMAZING friends. and i still hold each of them close to my heart.

3.  a little dream i have is  to travel a hell of a lot. i want to see white sand, blue water, green grass, ancient buildings, beautiful people, and new stars in the sky!

4.  a big dream i have is  to try to take over the world!!!

5.  if i could drive any car my pick would be the volvo C30-R, although honda's new take on the cr-x, the cr-z hybrid, is quite tempting. there may be a battle between the two! this is actually a topic that rob and i discuss regularly, and as seriously as two people who have zero intention of buying a new car anytime soon can.

6.  a time that i felt really and truly beautiful was when i stopped trying. i'm pretty sure that's the secret to life.

7.  tomorrow I will....  have a pretty busy, but fun day. i have a bridal shower for a longtime friend, then an end of summer (booo!) party with lots and lots of friends. i'm really looking forward to what the day has in store!

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