fill iN the blaNk fRiday - life love

today's blanks feel to me like they are focusing on the more hopeful, happy side of life. i was just thinking about doing a LML (love my life - because FML was going through my head way too much and i needed to combat it with some positive thinking) post, so this is fantastic timing!

1. the most spontaneous thing i've ever done was  spent the night on the rooftop of a local school with my sister. we both had insane, hazy dreams about getting caught the entire time and had the most surreal, misty morning because of them.

2. the best gift i've ever received was a (diamond) ring from the boy. it was a big joke and the effort he put into a gag gift was impressive: trips to multiple jewelers, recruiting a friend's help, teaching me a lesson to no longer whine in jest for something being heavily sold on a commercial... love that guy.

3. a time that i was truly and genuinely surprised was when rob made a trip home for valentine's day while he was living 5-1/2 hours away. we don't usually keep anything from one another so it was impressive for him to be able to not give it away while calling me to casually find out where i was on a friday night!

4. i can't leave the house without gum. i am a chain-chewer, have been for yeeeears now. lately, i've been craving the carefree bubblegum i was hooked on for years.

5. my favorite day of the week is saturday because there is so much possibilty to the day. i can sleep and and/or stay up as late as i want without really affecting anyone. i can go for a long drive, a long shopping trip, visit family, or stay home and cook all day when the mood strikes. nothing is set in stone.

6. something that can always make me laugh is people making asses out of themselves to the highest degree. rob says i'm mean; i say i'm seizing the opportunity to find the humor in everything.

7. my perfect day would include sleeping in late, hiking through the woods - or mountains (somewhere!), eating a hearty meal, and relaxing in the evening with a big ol' bottle of wine. all of these accompanied by people i love. the best part about this scenario is: it has actually happened. in the last month.  :)

happy friday and may you all have an amazing weekend!

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  1. Loved reading these! A "chain chewer!" Haha, I can totally relate. And I love your take on Saturday. :)