make youR owN samoas

forget the girl scouts.... who needs those little bitches, anyway?!?

(c'mon... i KID, i kid.)

find the delicious recipe here

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  1. HOLY CANNOLI Why didn't you CALL me?!?!?!?! I have spent far too much time over the past two months gazing at the cookie shelf at the grocery store blankly. I SWEAR they used to make a Tagalong-type-thingy before. Here are the Imitation thin mints and the samoas, but all I care about is Tagalongs. I am pregnant and I feel a deep-seated NEED to sink my teeth into some peanutbutter before I get to cookie. I don't KNOW any stinkin' Girlscouts, and I do my grocery shopping at 2AM, when apparently they have better things to do than stand out front and offer me cookies. I have been whining INSUFFERABLY about this for literally 8 weeks now. At least. ANd Matt will no longer accompany me to the grocery store because he can't bear my stubbornness to keep looking and hoping that my will alone will make them materialize simply because I need them to.

    AAAAaaaaaccckkkk! If I don't have everything I need in the house right now to make these, I am going to look like a crazed junky on my public trip to acquire them.