fill iN the blaNk fRiday: JuNk iN the tRuNk

1.   people always tell me i look like  ...i'm tired. awesome. actually, i don't ever really get a look-alike comment. which is cool. i'm unique!

2.  friends don't let friends  drive hungry.

3.  a sunny day is perfect for   sitting on my deck with a good magazine. or a hike in the woods!

4.  my favorite accessory is my butt. seriously. once i got this thing, i just can't leave home without it! and it makes my jeans look awesome.

5.  if i could afford it i would   travel the world, while scoping items to sell in my boutique.

6.  the cure for boredom is  lost to me. but lauren's suggestion is good!

7.  i am currently "in like" with  pearl and the beard, exploring wines of the world, laura george prints, and purging my closet to make room for the refined/defined style on which i am currently curating in my mind. enough of this office wear takeover!!

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