fill in the blaNk fRiday - fiRst shot

1. the very best thing about summer is being able to run around in bare feet. also, spending late nights outside talking and drinking with friends. this includes the following settings: decks, patios, restaurants, and campfires. unbeatable.

2. my first crush ever was boy george. this actually speaks volumes about me. i had a little bear that was named georgie that wore a dress. georgie was most certainly a boy bear. my little brain gender-bended without question... janice the muppet has also always been a boy to me. he just has long hair and wears lipstick! i have always loved pretty boys, especially ones in eyeliner.

3. this may sound really silly but i am afraid of marriage. actually, i am mostly afraid of being someone's wife. lucky person that i am, my partner (who hates being called my boyfriend after ten years) is willing to wait until i reconcile that shit with myself.

4. i squeeze my toothpaste from the bottom, if i'm feeling ambitious. you may find me squeezing from the middle if i'm in a hurry, but i'll have to fix it the next time i use it.

5. my absolute favorite "comfort food" is cheap chicken patties, kraft macaroni and cheese, and canned spinach. with a tall glass of milk. this is what my sister and i would make for our first meal every time we moved into a new place. which happened a lot. (speaking of...)

6.a random fact about me is that i have moved thirteen times since i was sixteen. the fact that i am about to celebrate my third year in my house is truly monumental. and a little confusing for my nomadic brain. instead of moving, i cut my hair. a girl's gotta have change!

7.the one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and I couldn't live without is anything that plays music, be it my ipod, my car stereo, a record player... i could live without my computer, my phone, my car, but not without music!

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