foR the biRds

First the birds; now the fish - and crabs? Me telling Rob about the other species dying en masse resulted in the following conversation:

Rob: Well, the world is supposed to end next year, right? So it can't all happen at once; things have to start getting screwy sometime.

Me: If that's the case, hurry up and fix your bus so that I can quit my job.

Rob: Really?

Me: If the world is really ending in 2012, there is no freaking way I'm wasting my time sitting at a desk anymore! We can spend the next year or two driving around the country, selling sandwiches on the side of the road for gas money.

Rob: Sandwiches? That's shady.

Me: Okay, then. We can pick apples. Join the migrant workers.

Rob: And poop on lettuce. Let's do it.

1 comment:

  1. It's not really pooping on lettuce... it's just not cleaning your hands AND THEN rubbing them all over the lettuce. Make sure Rob gets that straight. Everything else sounds like a perfect plan.